Six reasons why flowers are the best gift you can give

It has been said that flowers are the best gifts since Aphrodite. When we are trying to give someone a special detail, it is often the idea of giving flowers. What do you think?

This week’s philosophic round will help you understand six reasons why gifting flowers to family and friends is a natural instinct.


There are many species and types. Each flower has its own subspecies.

This is why it’s so special to give flowers. It allows you to spend time researching the colour and type of flower that the person likes and can create a customized gift that you can change according to the occasion.


Floriography describes the flower’s language. This allows the sending of secret messages to the recipient by following a number of parameters.

It is amazing to have a secret language and fall in love with red roses. Flowers can even be used to forgive and offer forgiveness.

Learn more about Floriography, the fascinating language used to describe flowers. You will find a list of all the flowers along with their meanings in our article, “Discover the incredible and forgotten flower language through Floriography”.


Giving flowers is timeless no matter the time or place we live in. Flowers are great for any occasion and at any time of year. Giving flowers is always a good idea.

If we are talking about occasions to give flowers, then birthdays, baptisms (graduation), weddings, and funerals all use flowers to offer an offering to the ones who have departed this plane.

It is possible to give away your belongings without any reason. This can be done for friendship, falling in love or reconquest. You can even apologize for grave and not so serious missteps. Flowers are more likely to absolve your fault.


You can accompany the flowers with any kind of item, from chocolates or teddy bears to fruits and beverages. Combining flowers with balloon arrangements is possible. There are many ways to create a bouquet.

It doesn’t matter if you have a jewelry box, or a breakfast buffet, it will add emotion to the gift. See our article “More then 20 Beautiful Flowers with Gifts” to get some ideas about surprising someone with herbs. You have many creative and innovative options

Take control of the situation and combine flowers to add more value to your gift.


You are adding a decorative element of beauty to the house by giving flowers. Flowers are uplifting. Flowers are a great way to spread good vibes and make someone happy.

Fresh flowers can be brightened with vibrant colors, and many of them emit delightful scents. You can also set your space naturally and eco-friendly without the need for artificial environment deodorants.


Fresh flowers are not only uplifting because they add beauty and fragrance to your home but also have many scientific benefits.

They clean the oxygen in our lungs, make it easier to concentrate at work and speed up recovery if we get sick.

You can read our article, “Giving and Receiving Flowers Cause Health Benefits According to Science” to learn more about this topic. The psychology behind flowers is also an added bonus.

You want to make the perfect gift so ensure you choose the best florist in Johannesburg.

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